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Hack FaceBook Gmail Yahoo and Twitter Account By BACKTRACK 5

Hello Friends, i think you would have done work which that i am told you in my last post of BackTrack Series. Now i am bore so think why not share with you some interesting , so here i am going tell you a trick by which you must hack any FACEBOOK , GMAIL , YAHOO , TWITTER and any one yes any one Account of a Victim . I think you would know about Page Phishing very well if not so see my this post....

Phishing Attack-All In One Tool

In old trick you had done many steps like...

1.Take Copy of Login Page
2.Search the code line
3.Changing Code
4.Making Account on Web Hosting Site (Sometimes your account deleted by Hosting Site because you had used it for Phishing)
5.Wait for Web Hosting Site Account Verification
6.Uploading Login Page on Web Hosting Site
7.Send Link to Victim
8.Found the Victim Information

Means it is too time and difficult work for a newbie , So i think why not tell you Page Phishing Hacking in BT5,Interesting you Know,By this trick you found victim ID and Password by run some commands only,
So Let's Start...............

1.First Open your BT5 Terminal and for find your IP on Internet type "ifconfig" like me in below pic and i have found my IP .

[Image: 21.PNG]
2. In Second step type "cd /pentest/exploits/set" like below pic....

[Image: 22.PNG]

3. Now after step 2 type "./set" like below pic...

[Image: 23.PNG]

4. Enter your choice: 2 for select WebSite Attack Vectors like below pic...

[Image: 24.PNG]

5.After done step 4 Now Select "Tabnabbing Attack Method" by Enter Your Choice :4 see below pic..

[Image: 25.PNG]

6. Now Select "Site Cloner" by Enter Your Choice :2 See below pic...

[Image: 26.PNG]

7.Too important step here When you have done Step 6 then it say "Enter The URL to Clone:" which means here Enter the page address of login page which Phishing Page you want like i want make FaceBook phishing page so i have going to enter :

If you want make Gmail Phishing page so enter and as same as for Twitter,Yahoo and any one you want make. See below pic.....

[Image: 27.PNG]

8.When you have done step 7 then it called to press Return so write Return like me and press ENTER KEY same as below pic...

[Image: 28.PNG]

9.Now my IP works as Phishing Page link so send your IP to your Victim by Chat or Email and by any path you also change your IP into a Link By Googlr URL Shortenerand then send it to that person.

[Image: 29.PNG]

10. When your Victim open your send Link then a Phishing Page come in his browser like below pic...

[Image: 30.PNG]

11. Now When your victim Enter His ID and Password for open his account then page Refresh and change into Real URL page and ID Password come into your Terminal Screen see below pic....

[Image: 31.PNG]

I think my this post too simple and also helpful for you IF you like my Website so please Follow it Thanks!

Enjoy Your Hacking!!!:victoire:

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