Thứ Ba, 1 tháng 1, 2013

Hack Facebook Accounts : [Hijacking and Stealing Cookies Session]

Cookie is a HTTP cookie or a web, which is used for admin sensitive information access.
There are many various and different Programs which are used for stealing cookies but the best and the easiest is Wireshark.

So Lets Start Facebook Cookies Stealing Method

1) Download and install the Program  wireshark

2) Now Run the Program and go to interfaces and push the button start.

3) Wait 10 minutes for finding out the cookies and sessions which are opened recently.

4) After 10 minutes all the cookies and sessions will open and display. Now You just have to enter the code in filter box  http.cookie contains “datr” and hit enter.

5) Next step click on facebook cookie and right click -Bytes -Printed text only.

6) Now Open firefox and install  addon Greasemonkey and   cookieinjector.user.js

7) Run from firefox, make sure your addons should remains enabled

8) You are done now paste the cookie inside the Wireshark cookie dump and hit Ok/enter.You will Be redirected to Facebook Home. Thats It!

This Method will be only done if your friend or victim is on a secure network like Http:// connection or more secure. Now Please Subscribe my site! Good bye & Thankyou.

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